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My name is Nóra Göndör, I was born on the 12 of August 1976 in Budapest. I have been learning myself and psychology since I was 16. As I practiced many self­-knowledge methods, I've got to know myself better and better. I had many positive changes in my life, however I was still not satisfied, because some of my deep patterns stayed unchanged. I continued searching happiness. I have found keys to open long ago locked doors and turn those freedom limiting patterns into supporting treasures. My journey on this road is an ongoing process, full of challenges. My own experiences and successes inspired my coaching work.  If you wish, you are welcome to join me!


From whom I learned a lot:


  • Szilárd Mosonyi (creative reality creation)

  • Maya Kerstan (sexual grounding therapist)

  • András Feldmár

Defining experiences


During my university studies listening to famous psychologists' lecture, I became interested in human functioning. The best way for looking into this topic seemed to observe and understand my own functioning. I learned different meditation techniques, practiced team work to be able to meet myself in a deeper way.


I practiced Jose Silva' s mind control, pránanadi, focus technique, dream analysis, creative reality creation, the Journey by Brandon Bays, Stanislav Grof holotropic breathing techniques, katathym imaginative psychotherapy, Body work, Gestalt, Hellinger family constellation and psychodrama. The way of self­knowledge for me is a continuous getting to know myself. Based on self experience I decided to learn coaching. That time coaching meant to me a very practical technique to achieve my goals. I became a qualified coach at Samling and also completed Organoco Creative Coaching School. I learned psychology at Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Psychology. At the moment I learn psychodrama leading from Bela Daubner and Eszter Daubner at Hungarian Psychodrama Association.



By my profession I am a teacher and human resources manager. Long before my first job I already knew that I want to deal with people, and the best way for this seemed to work in the Human Resources field. I have more than 6 years experience as HR consultant, and another 8 years in corporate HR, managing an international team. Beside professional work my interest in self-­improvement and happiness enabled me to invest in deepening my self-­knowledge continuously.

Organoco Creative Coaching School, Budapest Coach course


Samling Solution Consulting Kft., Budapest Coach course


Central European University, Budapest Part of academic program fully accredited by the American Bar Association In cooperation with the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York & Hamline University School of Law, Minnesota International course on Mediation and Other Methods to Foster Democratic Dialogue


MTA – Institute of Psychology, Budapest Psychological assistant


University of Debrecen, Budapest Human Resources manager degree


József Attila University, Szeged University degree in Russian language and literature, Russian teacher


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