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Coaching is a method (using communication, cognitive, Gestalt, and body work techniques) of supporting a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve a goal or develop specific skills. It can support any kind of change in your work, in your life. 


If you have any kind of problem, goal, challenge in your current life or simply want to change something in it, you can use a coach, as your personal trainer who helps with special techniques, or simply with questions focusing on your own solution and also supports you to achieve it.


When it takes only a step to solve a problem, but you do not complete this step; when you feel stuck or loose direction, when you lose patience to solve your recurring problems, the security during coaching sessions can help to identify youir own resources and recognise your knowledge to take a step in order to solve your problems. It just starts with a step... 


According to my experience any kind of change including the change in our envirenement can be stabilized through inner change. Otherwise the resistance of our subconscious can stop the fullfilment of the desire. We might have a tendency to belive in the security of unchangingness. Therefore the aim of coaching sessions is to create a secure atmosphere where changes can be born.


What is the coaching for and what kind of problems could be a topic for coaching?


Any kind, as there are many types of coaching. Coaching supports healthy people to find their own solution. Coaching is not a therapy.


  • Time management ("My tasks do not fit within my timescale")

  • Where are my borders? („My friends use me...”)

  • Decision making ("I am afraid of final decisions, I need support to decide")

  • Being lonely („Why am I alone, why cannot find a partner?”)

  • Giving constructive feedback ("My colleagues cannot stand critic...")

  • Communication ("How to raise a sensitive issue")

  • Work life balance ("I cannot leave all the problems behind me when I leave the office")

  • Deadlines ("I am always delaying...")

  • Workload ("I am always overloaded")

  • Stress release, relaxing after work ("I wake up at night and thinking of problems which should be solved in the office")


If you are uncertain whether your topic could be worked with coaching do not hesitated to contact me.


Why coaching technique?


It is personalized and very practical. Just what you need. My experience is that we all know the best solution to our problems however sometimes it is hard to follow it, it is hard to change and even more difficult to keep the positive change in our life. We all have deep patterns we follow in everyday life and most of the time these are advantageous. But sometimes they withhold us from making our dreams come true or making our lives easier.

What is a coaching?

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